Vivaplex 8 oz Glass Bottles – Cobalt Blue with Lids

Vivaplex 8 oz Glass Bottles – Cobalt Blue with Lids

Vivaplex 8 oz Glass Bottles – Cobalt Blue with Lids

About Vivaplex 8 oz Glass Bottles

Introducing the Vivaplex 8 oz Glass Bottles in Cobalt Blue with Black Lids. These high-quality glass bottles are designed to provide a safe and convenient packaging solution for your everyday needs. Whether you want to store your favorite shampoo, soap, conditioner, essential oils, perfumes, or colognes, these bottles are perfect for the job.

Main Features

  • 12 – 8 oz Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles
  • Black Lids for secure closure
  • Perfect for essential oils, perfume oils, or other liquids
  • Safe and convenient packaging
  • Cobalt Blue Glass provides protection against harmful UV rays

Protect Your Products with Cobalt Blue Glass

The Cobalt Blue glass used in these bottles is not just aesthetically pleasing, but it also serves a practical purpose. It provides protection from potentially harmful light, especially UV rays, which can degrade the quality and effectiveness of certain products. By storing your liquids in these Cobalt Blue glass bottles, you can ensure that they remain fresh and potent for longer periods.

Multiple Uses

These 8 oz Glass Bottles from Vivaplex are versatile and can be used for various purposes. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast, a professional aromatherapist, or simply someone who loves to create their own personal care products, these bottles are perfect for storing your creations. They are also great for travel, allowing you to carry your favorite liquids without worrying about leaks or spills.

Safe and Secure Packaging

The black lids of these glass bottles provide a secure closure, ensuring that your liquids are safely stored without any risk of leakage. The bottles are made from high-quality glass that is durable and resistant to breakage, offering you peace of mind when handling and transporting them. The compact size of these bottles makes them easy to store in your bathroom, bedroom, or travel bag.


If you are looking for a reliable and stylish packaging solution for your liquids, the Vivaplex 8 oz Glass Bottles in Cobalt Blue with Lids are the perfect choice. With their high-quality construction, convenient size, and protective Cobalt Blue glass, these bottles offer both functionality and aesthetics. Store your essential oils, perfumes, shampoos, and more in these bottles and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your products are safe and well-preserved.