UBRAVOO Tiny Scout Balance Bike for Kids

UBRAVOO Tiny Scout Balance Bike for Kids

UBRAVOO Tiny Scout Balance Bike for Kids

Why choose UBRAVOO balance bike?

FAST RIDE LEARNING: This bike is perfect for helping children improve their balance, coordination, and endurance. And equipped with pedals and stabilizers. Children can use them in different learning phases.

Children can focus on balancing. Compared to suddenly riding a normal bike, it is much easier to use a balance bike to practice slowly to build a sense of balance.

EVA polymer foam tires: puncture-proof EVA foam tires – no inflation required, stable driving, PP wheels improve stability; all materials are non-toxic and safe for children.

The biggest advantage of this type of bike is that it can help your child ride a bike smoothly. It is a good tool for your children to play and explore the wilderness first.

The UBRAVOO balance bike accompanies your child to grow up and is the best gift for your child.

Features of UBRAVOO Tiny Scout Balance Bike

18 months to 3 years old: practice sliding (use stabilizers only) → keep balance (no pedals and stabilizers).

3 to 5 years old: cycling (with pedals and stabilizers) → bicycle (with pedals, without stabilizers).

A Cooler Toddler Training Bike: This balance bike is more flexible to adapt to kids of different levels of skills and courage. It doesn’t need 4 modes in use, It’s enough that there’s always one for you. Besides, it has a sports-style look and a strengthened bike frame, which makes it possible for your child to enjoy maximum fun and adventure. Stop the debate on balance bike vs training wheels, your kid needs a personalized solution and deserves better.

Easy to Set-up for Different Modes: This 4-in-1 toddler kids training bike could switch easily among a balance bike with training wheel, classic balance bike, riding tricycle, and kids pedal bike. Thanks to the red push-button design, the handlebar, pedals, and training wheels could be removed/ assembled easily without any tool required.

Grow-with-kids: It is suitable for kids aged 3-5.5 years / 35-49 inches(90-125 cm) high, more precisely, it fits children with an inseam of 37-57 cm (14.5-22.5 inches). Tool-free quick clamp under the saddle provides a seat height adjustment range from 37 to 47 cm (14.5-19 inches). And this balance bike is made of carbon steel of premium quality, kids over 3 years have the strength to carry the bike.

Durable & Puncture-free Tires: 28cm/11-inch EVA tires with stylish tread are designed for safer play and easier riding on uneven surfaces like concrete road, grassland, stone road, etc. Now just make room in your backyard or find a kid-friendly sidewalk / a public park and take your child to practice their new skills.

Every Growth Moment Counts: UBRAVOO is devoted to offering years of fun and independent riding when our Tiny Scout toddler balance bike is in use. We encourage both parents to take part to make it more fun for the kid. You’ll be amazed at what your kid can accomplish on this balance bike and many years later surprised by these meaningful family moments.