Rawlings 2022 Quatro PRO | Quatro MAX | BBCOR Baseball Bat

Rawlings 2022 Quatro PRO | Quatro MAX | BBCOR Baseball Bat

Rawlings 2022 Quatro PRO | Quatro MAX | BBCOR Baseball Bat


The Rawlings 2022 Quatro PRO and Quatro MAX BBCOR Baseball Bat is a game-changer in the world of baseball bats. Designed with cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship, this bat offers players an unparalleled experience on the field.

Key Features

1. Suspended Inner Barrel

The Quatro PRO features a suspended inner barrel that balances the swing weight, promoting high velocity swing speeds. This innovative design allows players to generate maximum power and hit the ball with incredible force.

2. Stiffer Handle

With a 30% stiffer handle, the Quatro PRO provides optimal feel and performance. This enhanced stiffness ensures that energy transfer from the player’s hands to the barrel is maximized, resulting in explosive hits.

3. Redesigned Collar Construction

The redesigned collar construction of the Quatro PRO creates a durable, locked connection joint. This not only enhances the bat’s overall durability but also reduces vibration at the point of contact, giving players a smoother and more comfortable swing.

4. Lizard Skins Grip

The Quatro PRO comes with a Lizard Skins grip, providing unmatched comfort and tack. This premium grip material ensures that the bat stays securely in the player’s hands, even during intense swings, allowing for better control and accuracy.

5. Removable Blast Motion Sensor Port

One of the standout features of the Quatro PRO is the removable Blast Motion sensor port. This unique addition allows players to analyze their swing data and metrics, helping them identify areas for improvement and elevate their game to the next level. Please note that the Blast Motion sensor is sold separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Blast Motion sensor included with the bat?

A: No, the Blast Motion sensor is sold separately. However, the bat comes with a removable port to accommodate the sensor.

Q: Can the Quatro PRO be used in high school or college games?

A: Yes, the Quatro PRO is a BBCOR certified bat, making it eligible for use in high school and college baseball games.

Q: What sizes are available for the Quatro PRO?

A: The Quatro PRO is available in various sizes to suit different player preferences and needs. Please refer to the product specifications for more information on available sizes.

Q: How does the suspended inner barrel affect performance?

A: The suspended inner barrel of the Quatro PRO helps balance the swing weight, allowing players to achieve higher velocity swing speeds. This, in turn, translates to more powerful hits and increased performance on the field.

In conclusion, the Rawlings 2022 Quatro PRO and Quatro MAX BBCOR Baseball Bat is a top-of-the-line bat that offers unmatched performance, comfort, and durability. With its innovative features such as the suspended inner barrel, stiffer handle, redesigned collar construction, and Lizard Skins grip, this bat is designed to take your game to new heights. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your performance with the Quatro PRO!