Qisan Automatic Camping Outdoor Pop-up Tent

Qisan Automatic Camping Outdoor Pop-up Tent

Qisan Automatic Camping Outdoor Pop-up Tent


Experience the ultimate convenience and comfort with the Qisan Automatic Camping Outdoor Pop-up Tent. This innovative tent is designed for outdoor enthusiasts who value quick setup, durability, and protection from the elements. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or attending a music festival, this tent is your perfect companion.

Main Features

  • Spacious: With dimensions of 290*200*130CM (114.17*78.74*51.18 In), this tent provides enough room for up to 4 persons. You can easily fold it up, pack it in the carrying bag, and head off on a new adventure.
  • Durable and Waterproof: The tent fabric is made of high-quality PU-coated polyester with a waterproof rating of 3000mm. It features durable seams, sturdy zippers, and a water-resistant coating to keep you dry even during heavy rain.
  • Easy to Set Up: Thanks to its automatic pop-up design, this tent can be set up in seconds. Simply remove it from the carrying bag, release the straps, and watch it unfold itself. No more struggling with complicated tent poles and instructions.
  • Ventilation and Privacy: The tent is equipped with two doors and four windows, all with double layers. The outer layer is made of zippered nylon, while the inner layer features zippered mesh. This allows you to enjoy fresh air while maintaining privacy.
  • Organized Space: The tent includes a separating space for your luggage, keeping your sleeping area clean and clutter-free. Additionally, there are little mesh storage pockets where you can store small items like your phone, flashlight, or keys.

Important Note

For your health and safety, please do not use this tent in heavy rain. While it is designed to be waterproof, extreme weather conditions may pose a risk. It is always recommended to check the weather forecast and choose appropriate camping gear accordingly.

Experience the convenience and comfort of the Qisan Automatic Camping Outdoor Pop-up Tent. Get yours today and embark on your next outdoor adventure with ease.