Makita B-65698 Disc Sander 9227C/9237Cb, 7 Inches

Makita B-65698 Disc Sander 9227C/9237Cb, 7 Inches

Makita B-65698 Disc Sander 9227C/9237Cb, 7 Inches

Introducing the Makita B-65698 Disc Sander 9227C/9237Cb, a versatile and powerful tool designed to meet all your sanding needs. Whether you’re a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, this disc sander is sure to impress with its exceptional performance and user-friendly features.

Variable Speed Control for Precision Sanding

One of the standout features of the Makita B-65698 Disc Sander is its variable speed control. With a simple twist of the pre-set dial or a gentle squeeze of the trigger, you can easily adjust the sanding speed to match the requirements of your project. This allows for precise and controlled sanding, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish every time.

Comfort and Control with Loop Handle

Sanding can be a tiring and repetitive task, but the Makita B-65698 Disc Sander is designed with your comfort in mind. The loop handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, allowing you to maintain control and reduce fatigue during extended sanding sessions. Say goodbye to hand cramps and hello to effortless sanding!

Powerful Motor for Efficient Sanding

Equipped with a robust 1,200W motor, the Makita B-65698 Disc Sander delivers impressive power and performance. With a no-load speed of 0-3,200rpm, this sander can tackle even the toughest sanding tasks with ease. Whether you’re working on large surfaces or intricate details, this sander will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Variable speed control via trigger and pre-set dial
  • Loop handle for comfort and control
  • 1,200W Motor providing impressive 0-3,200rpm no load speed
  • 7-inch disc size for efficient sanding
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use this disc sander for both rough and fine sanding?

A: Absolutely! The variable speed control allows you to adjust the sanding speed, making it suitable for both rough and fine sanding tasks. Whether you need to remove a lot of material or achieve a smooth finish, this disc sander has got you covered.

Q: Is the loop handle adjustable?

A: Yes, the loop handle is adjustable to accommodate different hand sizes and preferences. This ensures a comfortable grip and optimal control during sanding.

Q: Can I use this disc sander on curved surfaces?

A: While the Makita B-65698 Disc Sander is primarily designed for flat surfaces, it can also be used on curved surfaces with the appropriate sanding discs. Just make sure to use the right technique and apply even pressure for best results.


The Makita B-65698 Disc Sander 9227C/9237Cb is a top-notch tool that combines power, versatility, and user-friendly features. With its variable speed control, loop handle for comfort and control, and high-performance motor, this disc sander is a must-have for any woodworking enthusiast or professional. Experience the difference in your sanding projects with the Makita B-65698 Disc Sander!