BOHS 12-Colors Foam Modeling Clay – Squishy Air Dry Soft

BOHS 12-Colors Foam Modeling Clay – Squishy, Air Dry, Soft

BOHS 12-Colors Foam Modeling Clay


Welcome to the world of BOHS 12-Colors Foam Modeling Clay! This innovative and versatile clay is perfect for all your creative needs. Whether you’re into cosplay, school projects, baby hand prints, or making slime, this clay is sure to bring your ideas to life. With its squishy texture, air-dry feature, and softness, it’s a must-have for both adults and kids. Let’s dive into the details of this amazing product!

Main Features

  • Squishy texture: The BOHS Foam Modeling Clay has a unique squishy texture that makes it incredibly fun to play with. It’s soft and pliable, allowing you to mold it into any shape or form you desire.
  • Air dry: Unlike traditional clay that requires baking or firing, this foam modeling clay air dries within 24 hours. No need for an oven or kiln. Simply let your creations sit and watch them harden on their own.
  • Soft and lightweight: The clay is lightweight and soft, making it easy to handle and manipulate. It’s perfect for delicate projects or creating intricate details.
  • 12 vibrant colors: The set includes 12 vibrant colors, giving you a wide range of options to bring your imagination to life. Mix and match colors to create unique shades and effects.
  • Safe for all ages: The BOHS Foam Modeling Clay is non-toxic and safe for both adults and kids. It’s a great way to encourage creativity and imagination in children while providing a stress-relieving activity for adults.


The BOHS Foam Modeling Clay is incredibly versatile and can be used for various purposes:

  • Cosplay: Create intricate props, accessories, or costume details for your next cosplay project. The clay’s lightweight and air-dry feature make it perfect for wearable creations.
  • School projects: Whether it’s a diorama, sculpture, or art project, this clay is an excellent choice. Its softness and vibrant colors will make your project stand out.
  • Baby hand prints: Capture your little one’s hand or footprints in a unique and memorable way. The clay is safe for babies and provides a lasting keepsake.
  • Slime: Add a new dimension to your slime-making adventures with the BOHS Foam Modeling Clay. Mix it into your slime for added texture and color.


The BOHS 12-Colors Foam Modeling Clay is a must-have for any creative individual. Its squishy texture, air-dry feature, and softness make it a joy to work with. Whether you’re a cosplayer, student, parent, or slime enthusiast, this clay offers endless possibilities. Get your hands on this versatile and fun clay and let your imagination run wild!