AcousPanel Pack of 16 – Studio Pro Absorbent Panels

AcousPanel Pack of 16 – Studio Pro Absorbent Panels

AcousPanel Pack of 16 – Studio Pro Absorbent Panels


Are you looking to improve the sound quality in your studio? Look no further than the AcousPanel Pack of 16. These studio pro absorbent panels are designed to enhance your audio experience by reducing unwanted echoes and reverberations.

Main Features

  • 16 high-quality acoustic foam sheets
  • Dimensions: 30x30x5cm
  • Anthracite Grey color
  • Uncompressed for maximum sound absorption

Enhance Your Studio’s Sound Quality

The AcousPanel Pack of 16 is specifically designed to improve the acoustics of your studio. Whether you are a musician, podcaster, or sound engineer, these absorbent panels will help you achieve a cleaner and more professional sound.

By strategically placing these panels on your studio walls, you can effectively reduce unwanted echoes and reverberations. This will result in a clearer audio recording and a more accurate representation of your sound.

High-Quality Acoustic Foam Sheets

Each AcousPanel is made from high-quality acoustic foam that is designed to absorb sound waves. The foam is uncompressed, allowing it to effectively trap and dissipate sound energy.

The dimensions of each panel are 30x30x5cm, providing ample coverage for your studio walls. The Anthracite Grey color adds a sleek and professional look to your space.

Easy Installation

The AcousPanel Pack of 16 comes with adhesive strips, making installation a breeze. Simply peel off the backing and stick the panels onto your studio walls. The lightweight design allows for easy handling and repositioning.

Whether you have a small home studio or a professional recording space, these panels can be easily customized to fit your specific needs. Arrange them in a way that maximizes sound absorption and minimizes reflections.


Investing in the AcousPanel Pack of 16 is a smart choice for anyone looking to improve the sound quality in their studio. These absorbent panels offer a cost-effective solution to unwanted echoes and reverberations.

With their high-quality construction and easy installation, these panels are a must-have for musicians, podcasters, and sound engineers. Upgrade your studio today and experience the difference that AcousPanel can make.